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Torotno Mobile massage services

I couldnt stop thinking about this recipe

one ounce frozen Wheatgrass
1/2 lemon
1 cuccumber
one cup of Orange juice

puree the cuccumber and strain
add the Wheatgrass, the lemon
if you wanted to test great
add One cup of Orange juice
mix it wll

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Toronot best deep tussue massag

Keep smiling

Here is great smoothie recipe

half cup Blueberrie
1 cup milk
1 banana

place the ingredient in smoothie maker and
blend till smooth

siping on this smoothie makes my happy moment
last longer.
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natural health, massage, smoothies find health

Here is great smoothie I am havining today.

The Vegee blast,
2 Apples
two cups Kale
8 Carrots
one cup Cabbege
2 cups water
One beet

one to two once E3live, or Vita green, Holl food supplemtn

place ingredint in smoothie maker and blend till smooth
Now, ad eye bright to the Mixter, E3live or Vita green, Aloe juice, lemone juice
tow cups water
Enjoy and share

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Here is good smoothie

its delicious and filing

one Cup Kale
one cup broccoli
1 cup Pineaple juice
one cup Apple juice
3 Dates
one Pear

place ingredient in smoothie maker
blend till smooth,

transfar to your favourt glass

Streching exercise,massage for cuples

Here is great smoothie recipe

eye bright, you can find it at health food store

place the recommded amount in water, let it sit for a 24/h
let it disolve in water,

add it to 2 ounce E3live, 2 cups Carrot Apple, juice or smoothie
add one ounce Aloe juce, half lemome
1 cup Pear juice

enjoy and share

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Breathing, is good, just keep breathing and beleiving.
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Thank you for your comment, I really appricite it.

Today recipe is
2 Oranges
1 Beet
610 8 Carrots
one cup Pineaple, juce
1cup water
2 ounce E3live, or Vitagreen

This is delicions and energzing

share your happy moment, find frinds here

Pea soup/Bean soup

Here is Delicious soup to share

Happy blog is all about
share your happy moment and find friends
that share their happy moment

Today I am sharing, soup recipe

one cup of Peas fresh or frozen
one cup of kidney beans. dry or can
3 garlic
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper, or Cayenne
3 piece of bacon
1/2 lemon
2 water
Cook the Peas, Kidney bean till tender
put all ingredient in blender till smooth
place the smooth soup in Pot, let it simmer

Toronto Mobile massage services

Feel the SunShine

8 Carrots
1 banana
2 Apples
1 mango
2 Oranges
1 tablespoon Sunflower seed
one cup of water
one cup Pineapple juice
one cup of Parsley
2 ounce of E3 live

place ingredient in smoothie maker
blend till smooth
put it in glass or cup
add the E3live at the end, to the mixture
mix well and enjoy great energy

Toronot Mibile massage sevices

Thak you for your commet

I am eating cooked Pineaple for snacks
try them they are delicous, good for digstion
If you dnot have time, to by fresh ripe Pineapl no worris
You can find frozen ones at PC or Nofrills, if you live in Toront

Take them out of freezer and cook them for 5 minutes,
you can add smoe Olive oil to it
they are great as desurt, or snaks

eat fresh feel great
share your happy moment

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