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Health and Wellness

great recipe

Hoe to make delicious meat balls

chose organic meat

2lb meat

1 Onion

4 fresh garlic grounded

1tesp  see salt

1teas black pepper

4 garlic

Preheat oven to 350

mix all ingredient

shape the meatball into

2′ diameter balls. Place on Alamuniom fold back for 25 minutes

Enjoy, share


Happy Moments Are…

http://personalwellnessServiceceHere is my happy moment, when i gave birth to my son, who is 22 years old. The moment they handed hem to me, his skin looked pink and perfectly healthy and well.

I could not believe I was alive, and well

That was my happiest moment.

Please share your happy Moments…

Make a Healthy Tzatziki

1grated Cucumber

1/4 cup grated Onion

1 clove garlic

1 tea spoon honey

1 tea spoon see salt

1 table spoon Parsley

1 table spoon Lemon

500 ml yougurt


Squeeze the grated Cucumber to remove all of the moisture, mix all the ingredients in a plastic bowl, and serve!


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