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She received most of her formal training in Saudi Arabia at the Mahad Al Riyath Al Namoojazy School. The school is located in the palace of a woman who was a foreign wife of the King. She bequeathed the school to endow female Muslim students from across the world with scholarships. Following childhood, Nuramina attended for ten years.

Here in Toronto, she has studied ESL and received certification in movement, massage and as a caregiver. Nuramina carries insurance for her practice.

Vital Energy Massage

She specializes in relaxing chair massage for your neck, shoulders and back that relieves stress and improves circulation to increase the flow of energy in the body. Nuramina believes in the life force, which is not the body, but is the energy which circulates throughout the body and the universe. To help restore energy she specializes in foot, hand, and body reflexology, through massage with her blend of oils.
She can find your pressure points to put you in a relaxing state of mind. Nuramina believes she is on this earth to bring individual, healing support. She is a healing artist.

Through Movement We Find Health

Nuramina knows how to get fit the body’s way. It is called Nia. Nuramina is a certified Nia instructor. If you like music, she can show you emotional, even spiritual, by connecting to the life force within us and our surroundings. She likes to share her gift with others as well as teach how to connect with it. the most fun way to get in shape and stay in shape. In three months, she can show you a healthy way to lose weight you want to lose. Try having Nuramina as your personal Nia coach.

Fresh Breath Nutrition

From her experience growing up in the desert, Nuramina believes in the healing powers of fresh food and herbs. She believes the reason we are not happy and healthy often has to do with poor nutrition and not breathing properly, leading to muscle tension, stopping the flow of energy in the body and the flow of nutrition to the muscles. Learn to make, or order, terrific food ideas you’ll like – whether it’s with fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain, fish, chicken, great vegetarian dishes or immune-boosting soups.

Healing Arts Practitioner

She is able to connect with vital energy. Nuramina is able to provide relief that can be physical.

Bespoke Caregiver

When someone you love needs kind, soothing, personal care, Nuramina will visit as scheduled, providing the personal support services selected as appropriate.